Noosa-Vintage 12-7-2012

Noosa Vintage Teed up on Wednesday night filmed Thursday morning 10:30am.
Duggo contacted me Wednesday night and tells me: "It was so fun today Ramps everywhere". So I had some free time on my hands and Jakey V was keen so we packed the car and where on our way.

Due to a gnarly car crash we left Vinno hanging for half an hour or more and minutes into filming my camera decided to get dust all over the lens (welcome to the world of digital SLRS). Missed the best wave of the session trying to clean the thing and later found out it's going to cost me $100 to get a sensor clean Doooowwww. If anybody knows a cheaper way to get it back to crystal please let me know. Enjoy Noosa Vintage... More spots and dust then you can poke a stick at.