Welcome too December 2013 where everything's Super. Super Heroes, Super Petrol, Super Cars last but not least SUPERbrand. When approached to put together an edit welcoming Coolum surfer Jack 'Duggo' Duggan to the Super team I was super amped too say the least.


After filming with Jack for months it could only seem write that our hard work sweat and toil could go towards something Super. Pulling additional footage from Cali and beyond and after days of editing our SUPERbrand klip the edit was finally complete. It feels good to do what you love and enjoy. As they say make a living out of what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

 SUPERbrand SUPERbrand

Here's what SUPERbrand have got to say about themselves: "SUPERbrand founded in 2008 by Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike, is all about progression. By joining a team of young, innovative Surfboard designers—the SUPERbrand Shapers’ Collective—with a skate-influenced aesthetic and full-board graphics, SUPERbrand set new standards of excellence in the surfboard industry. Beginning with gaining a core following in the surf community with high quality and unique-looking boards, hype quickly grew.

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