Julian Wilson Lost Tapes

Are what many have been asking and in boxing our social networks about since the original edit was taken down out of respect for a project Julian was working on for ESPN. This section of Julian was filmed in a solid swell back in February as Sunnycoast Klips where perched on the beach for 2 days filming clients endeavouring to make the most of a classic 1st Point swell.

As I stated in my 'Julian Wilson - Summer Daze' blog entry back in February: "Julian was assaulting everything and anything resembling ocean that stood in his way, and the waves where about as good on the points as I'd witnessed in a good couple of years"... After continual lip beatings, large drifting tail whips and flying grab rail punts, Julian would occasionally head in for a quick bite to eat with the family who where all set up under beach umbrella only before doing it all over again within the hour.

After receiving a message from Julians brother today stating: "We've been dealing with a whole range of things in regards to this ESPN competition and Julian is actually now (in the last 24hrs) not submitting a video so Please feel free to re-post video as soon as you like".

So was more then eager to make the below edit live again for the Julian Wilson fans. And bring the klips that many had thought where lost forever back to life to stoke out so more eyeballs. Enjoy!!!

Julian Wilson - Lost Tapes. from Sunnycoast Klips on Vimeo.

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