Check out this little session SCK scored just the other day, featuring Julian, Kai, Jack & Kelly . It was good too see some swell poking around for a change.

I Need KlipsDo you need film or photography for a surf session/sporting resume, a wedding, family event, or business video/photography? Whatever the case Sunnycoast Klips can provide exactly what you need. SK has ample experience and excels in providing media for a variety of genres. It isn't all surf. Check out the rest of my blog for examples of my work.

 Photography Sunshine CoastDo you have a cute family in need of professional photography for memorabilia purposes? We can put a package together that will suit you too a tee. Ask how.

Flash back thursday with Mick Fanning... Because we like thursdays best.

Had good fun putting this together for the team at the Dragon Roti. If you need a video done to promote your brand or business then let us know... We've got it covered.