Organic Food Sunshine Coast

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

Why put a post about Organic food on the Sunshine Coast on a surfing blog you may ask? Well let's just say i'm helping you to live longer haha. Eating healthy, organic, non-pesticide sprayed food will keep you healthy and fit. Kelly Slater the 11 times world champion eats organic as seen here: and in the picture below. I should just end the article there ;)
 Kelly Slater eats organic

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

To break it down simply you will surf longer and harder and not feel like a dried up McDonalds cheeseburger at the end of your session if your fuel is good. When you cut out artificial preservatives, flavours, pesticides and colours (which are in 99.99% of conventional foods), your body is able to digest at a far more healthy rate.

When you cut out processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils you will lose the puppy fat, the keg, the pudding, the gut real quick! Your hormones will regulate. When you avoid feeding yourself toxin laden "foods" (that really don't deserve that title) inflammation in your body will ease. You will not feel so creaky in the joints and cancer cells won't be as likely to multiply!
Organic Food Sunshine Coast

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

I ate no good pretty much all my life until just recently. I found myself feeling totally knackered every day. It got to the point that I had to cut down on some of my work, I had no mojo to surf or do anything active and I was hitting the Harry at 8:30pm every night (probably a good thing but I literally couldn't stay up later). I was also having trouble breathing and my throat felt choked up. I'm not one to rush off to the white coats by any means! So it said a lot when I was willing to go.

My blood tests came back showing that my hormones were "indicative of hypothyroidism or an auto immune condition (such as Hashimotos)" where my body was attacking my thyroid gland. If left untreated, low thyroid can lead to heart disease, infertility, muscular fatigue, porous bones, coma and DEATH!

On the other hand, the drugs commonly used completely ignore the underlying cause of the thyroid issue allowing it to continue to doing whatever underlying harm it wants in the body while masking the symptoms. Like all medications there are "side" effects (aka effects) like bone fractures, infertility, irregular heartbeat and more.

What is a man to do in this predicament? I decided to listen to my nutritionist AKA my wife instead and eat only from the tree and from the beast with the minimum amount of interference from pesticides and money hungry farmers just trying to make a quick buck. The results followed quickly. My health is now 100 times better and amazingly enough I lost 10 kgs in 2 weeks which wasn't even my aim! She added in minerals important for thyroid function which are selenium and iodine. Instead of taking unnatural supplements I've found taking kelp in a smoothie or dulse (yummy seaweed flakes) on some scrambled eggs, or a handful of activated brazil nuts gets me feeling all mellow like no drug ever could.

Here's an interesting fact from "Sugar (street name: stardust, snow, crack, fairy dust, rock... just kidding) gets you hooked through invoking in a feeling of euphoria triggered by dopamine, the pleasure-inducing chemical in our brain, according to Psychology Today. Interestingly enough, the legal white powder, sugar, is causing more deaths in our population than the illegal substance, drugs."

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

Sugar is converted into fatty acids and stored in our bodies when the energy it supplies in our diet is more than we need to function. The hormone insulin takes the sugar where it is needed, and stores the excess energy for future emergency use. Because it is so easy to get more than adequate sugar in our modern diets, we gain weight. Too many sugar highs wear out our adrenal glands and we get hormone issues. We get insensitive to the hormone leptin which is the hormone that tells us "You're full, you don't need any more food." You know that hormone? No? Cut the sugar!

Sugar also feeds inflammation and cancer.

On the other hand, fats from saturated animal sources can be high in toxins. Meats can also feed inflammation and cancer! It is important to choose only naturally reared meats, and while the marbled fat of grass fed, grass finished meat is healthful, the cover fat is where all the toxins are stored.

With all the hype and fear of saturated fats in recent years, it is ironic that man made fats have become perceived as healthier. How can anything processed with petroleum based chemicals at high heats that cause rancidity and oxidation ever be good for you? These trans-fats (such as those found in margarine) are the worst fats going! Eating fats with a high Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio = good. This means only eating animals who have been raised in a natural habitat, like wild salmon and grass finished beef, as well as cold pressed oils like olive and macadamia oils.

There is a lot to learn but the number one thing to remember is: Eat real food.

My wife can tell you a lot more about healthy living than I can here, so why not check out her page?

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