Quiksilver Pro Freesurfing


Quiksilver Pro and Freesurfing go hand in hand. When Gotham city fills up with WCT Surfers, pumping waves almost always seem to follow. This years Quiksilver Pro was no exception and set the stage for some solid swell and great free surfing from the likes of Mick Fanning, Sebastian Ziets, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson...  well wright after the sand dredge dumped a load anyways.

Didn't have all the time in the world to film but squeezed in a couple of sessions before and after heats. And to be honest when you're staying in a resort like Calypso Plaza it's kind of hard to pull yourself away from lazy Spa, pool and sauna sessions with the wife and kids. But hey it's a hard life and somebodys gotta do it. Blah De Blah Blah Blah ran out of things to say soooo i'll finish with this: Enjoy the klips don't eat to many fish and chips because it will go to your hips!!!

Gotham City from Sunnycoast Klips on Vimeo.

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