Aaron Kelly 14 Years Young.

Remember back to the sweet age of 14: Chuppa Chupps galore, Timezone lock downs, Surfing and skating all day with not a care in the world, Junk food non stop, pimply face and Simpsons on repeat, well that was about the extent of my life at 14.

Aaron Kelly is 14 years old and resides in Sunshine Beach' on the Sunshine Coast. Not only is his surfing on the rise but he rips it in the skate park as well. He's got a bag full of tricks and surfs more in a week then most groms do in a year. He's got some minor sponsors at present and is amped to rip the comp scene and free surfing arena hard in the days ahead.

With a few wins already under his belt you'd be mad not to back him. Question is: Who will be the ones to sign him up on a sweet deal. when it comes to surfing and skating he's a super hungry young man. Enjoy the Klip we put together.

Aaron Kelly 14 Years Young from Sunnycoast Klips on Vimeo.

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