Julian Wilson - Summer Daze.

Julian Wilson

Sunnycoast Klips was on the job over the past couple of days this time witnessing one of surfing's heavy weights Julian Wilson. Julian was assaulting everything and anything resembling ocean that stood in his way, and the waves where about as good on the points as I'd witnessed in a good couple of years...

 Julian Wilson

Julian Wilson Surfing

After continual lip beatings, large drifting tail whips and flying grab rail punts, Julian would occasionally head in for a quick bite to eat with the family who where all set up under beach umbrella only before doing it all over again within the hour.

I would say that the WCT is in grave danger this year from Julian Wilson. Judging by his focused attack on almost every bit of swell that seemed to appear. Surfing like a man on a mission with an obvious driving passion to win, one can only expect the results to follow.

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