Sunshine Coast - Easy Living.

Sunshine Coast has got to be the best place on earth, not to fast not to slow, easy living. There are plenty of destinations that I would love to behold before gracefully departing from planet earth all of which I will see in there due time I'm sure.

 Thursday the 25th of October 2012 was yet another grand old day of Sunshine Coast living. the waves where firing from the points to the beachies. The sun was scorching, even the streets where alive to the sounds of music. Kelly Norris (one of the Sunshine Coasts rising surfing talents) and I arranged to get amongst the action bright and early as the swell charts where screaming fun and more fun on the wave front.

Arriving early with his young protege Kelly and I joined the hungry crowd and his little mate Zane to see if we could score some klips and hopefully put together an edit. Later in the day I connected with a few other local ladz and we filmed again although I missed out on having a wave myself that day, it's always good to get fresh footage to keep the creative blood stream flowing. Kelly Norris, Dean Connelly, Ryan Campbell, Jasper Endersby and Luke Jory having a good go in what was on offer. Enjoy the klips and the edit.

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