Surfing DVD'S-2 For 1.

Need some fresh surfing DVD'S to amp you up before the next surf?

Buy our 2 latest full feature surfing films for only $24.95 and receive a free JC Underground Productions and Sunnycoast Klips sticker plus free postage.

Lifesupport is JC Underground Productions newest project. 
Film Bio: Lifesupport cuts through the exterior facades of the modern day surf culture and like a heart attack unveils surfings raw new skool talent. A surfing film guaranteed to bring more then just quality entertainment, arresting it's viewers releasing them from mental enslavement.  
Featuring: Mick Fanning, Clay Marzo, Bobby Martinez, Joel Parkinson, Mitch Coleborne, Dean Morrison, Brent Dorrington, Jack Freestone, Taj Burrows, Mitch Crews, Dale richards, Teal Vanner, Chippa Wilson, Dan Pryor, Blake Ainsworth, Asher Pacey, Josh Kerr, Bede durbidge and any other crew that brought somthing serious to the table.

GLOBAL WARNING the surf film!!!
Film Bio: Global Warning comes as a reality check to the Global surfing community. Not only is the film jam packed with epic waves and raw new skool surfing talent, but Global Warning also takes a closer look into the lives of some of the globes most talented rippers and what makes them tick both in and out of the water. Global Warning is a must see for surfer and non surfer alike. Featuring many of the worlds best surfers. 

Surfing Locations: Australia, Hawaii and Tahiti.

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