Matt Banting

Matt Banting in case you didn't already know derives from Kempseys number one tourist destination Port Macquarie. Matt Banting and I met some few years ago now whilst I was offered a job filming and running the local surf shop in Port Macquaries main street. Ports an interesting little town full of odd sorts and not a day went by where I didn't witness some form of bizarre occurrence.

After a solid discussion with Matt in his driveway about the film I was working on 'Lifesupport' and sharing with Matt about some of his junior rivalry's that I'd been working on sections with, such as Jack Freestone, Clay Marzo etc.. Matt quickly raced in side and seemed more then eager to hand me over his hard drive full of klips, which he was frothing at the mouth to let me use.

Judging from what Matt was telling me I was about to stumble upon some dead set gold in that little black box. But the little black box was net yet ready to be opened. After many attempts at opening Matt Bantings Western Digital on my computer it just wasn't going to happen.

But now i know why... A mysterious fellow stumbled across the hard drive on my desk the other day and claimed to have the know how to unlock the files and deliver them safely to my computer. To put it in laymen's terms: Matts hard drive was not synchronised to my computer so the files could not be opened until Keahi De Aboitiz transferred all data onto his computer, then dropped it all onto mine.

Overview of Telo's: The Telo's are made up of two main Islands that are surrounded by about 99 smaller islands, situated between Nias and The Mentawai's, the area is very remote, untouched and sparsely populated, geographically the islands are closer to the mentawai's, however the people, culture, local language originated from Nias. An extremely beautiful area, think tropical paradise.

So here we go I finally got there: Matt Banting in the Telos Islands, enjoy the edit and the golden klips from the little black box.

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