Sunnycoast Slabs.

Over the past 2 days (28-29/6/2012) the Sunshine Coast has produced sand dredging, Kirra like, freight train barrels. And also some epic surfing from the likes of Keahi De Aboitiz (World #1 Kite Surfer), Dean Brady, Ryan Campbell and Luke Jory.

In the words of Keahi: "It wasn't as perfect as the last swell that everybody raved about, but it was definitely chunkier and more challenging in the tube". To put my few words in if i may: "Keahi went freakn mental on that SUP and is lucky he doesn't have the awe permanently wedged up his bunghole. Ha".

There's been videos and photos all over the web of the epic waves on offer during the last good swell on the Gold CoastBut although the Sunshine Coast is just a little ways up north, the surf-web output from the northern cousins has been much quieter this week ... until now. It only takes three or four minutes of killer video footage of perfect left and right draining barrels somewhere on the Sunny Coast to remind us all that there's much more to surfing in Queensland than just on the coast south of Brisbane... 

Sand banks come and go but the last couple of swells have not been wasted as world class slabs have been had by many local chargers. Although many would have loved to have surfed the Kirra like slabs as seen below, sand banks don't hang around forever. As the proverb goes: "To the victors went the spoils ~ William Learned Marcy".

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