CJ Hobgood-Damien Hobgood

Hobgood brothers are laid back cats from the deep heart of Texas or maybe Califonia or Florida or some place like that. Every time i see them there in holiday mode in my folks holiday appartments at Kirra so there always real chill when ever we chat or I join them for a swim in the apartment block pool.

They surf amazing and there accents run so deep that i feel like i'm about to be lasooed by a missisipi cowboy whenever i chat with them. Damos got a cute as little family and whats more to be said... From an on looker like me they seem as if the're living the dream!!!


Anonymous said...

you truley capture the best out of everyone you video, you do a wonderful job great to have you work with us . Nic and Julie

Birdie the Boardie said...

Sick little Klip!

Filmyourevent said...

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