Lost Compass

What started out as a road trip to the 2012 Quiksilver Pro with 3 amped groms and Sunnycoast frother Joshy Lev, ended us up as a hot scorching day on a remote island, lost without a compass. If it was'nt for uncrowded beachies and some edible cacti plants we found then we may have never lived to tell the story!!!

Featuring: Harry Bryant, Jake Vincent, Jack Duggan, Josh Lev, Adam Bennetts and Michael Dunphy. 
Music by: Men as Trees Walking & Lovelite: http://comeandlive.com/downloads/


Anonymous said...

The acting was painful, surfing was okay though.

Anonymous said...

very average wanna be pro surfers, long way to go boys!!!

Sunnycoast Klips said...

Very average that you gotta hide behind the computer and can't put a name to the comment. Man up!!!

Anonymous said...

I aggree mate see harry out the points all the time, thinks his shit dos.nt stink!!!

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