Brenno Dorrington

Brent Dorrington: 'Lil Waynne Got Skills'.
Brenno got dropped by his major sponsor Oakley of recent and even though this may be looking like the end of a long road to some and yet another ex-spono destined for the mine shafts of Western Australia; After speaking to Brenno the other day he has got the outlook of a brother unfazed!!! Brenno is still as amped as ever before and currently looking to form new relationships with big time surf labels in order to launch his next assault on the surfing world. Brenno would have to be one of the most talented surfers i've filmed and a funny little bloke to go with it.

I'm sure this minor set back will only make him more hungry then ever before and prepell him even further towards his surfing goals in the days ahead. Last words concerning Brenno: He loves a Ginger Beer Tally. A deep road trip down South with Stevo and a head crease from Staffington whilst driving on the Kirra foot path in a Nissan Pulsar!!! He also owes me $100 bucks from all the GB's i've shouted him. lol

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