The Shaun Cansdell / JR Board Test.

After much conversation and many false alarms the elements finally aligned for me to head to the Gold Coast and piece together a webmercial of Shaun Cansdell for the new JR (Jason Rodd) board range. Here's how the day unfolded: JR rings me at 6:45am from Gloria Jeans, he tells me that: "Cansdells car is bogged in Lennox heads at the back of Ryan Kennys place". So finally after commiting myself to a day of uncertainty we arrive at what I thought was going to be a house, but instead was a full size sand stone castle like something out of the movie Knights in Shining Armour. After quizing Cansdell about the place he tells me that it's Kenny's parent's abode. Kenny's place was out the back and a tidy little chateux it was, I must say!!!

Next we jumped into Roddy's car, only to find Cansdell's car well and truly wedged in front of a rusty, prehistoric looking piece of farm equipment down a narrow grass alley which Cans seemed to think would make a good back entry to Ryans place. After much persuasion JR and I finally convinced Cans that there's still hope for his car and to get back to the rescue mission after the surf. Next we headed for Boulders where we met young Eli Steele. The waves were pumping, the boys where ripping, local boy Stephen Walsh was carving like a hot knife through butter and Roddy was stoked and couldn't have asked for better waves to do a board test in... After the surf we where all starving to say the least, JR had a burst of love from above and decided to take the boys out to Yellow Flower Indian in Suffolk Park where we completely damaged ourselves, exquisite Indian buffet style. So all in all it was an epic day with great waves, but i do hope Cans got his car out..?

Surfing only cut, featuring Stephen Walsh!!!

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