Josh Kerr.

Josh Kerr, Kerrazy, Keronicles he goes by many names but when it comes to surfing the thing he's most known for is 'Kerazee air time'. Growing up in the same town as Josh and hanging together in our younger years i witnessed the metamorphasis of Josh into the aerial expertise that he has now become. Watching Kerrzys continual attempts at flying over and above the lip line as a grom would often draw mixed remarks from those around him, expessialy his mates.

As the new skool can often be ridiculled by the old skool: some would say "All that Josh guy does is airs"; "Why does'nt that guy ever do a turn", others would even call him "Ratboy" nick naming him after santa cruizes up and coming trickster "Jason 'Ratboy' Collins". But the thing that made many realise Josh's new skool talent (besides the fact that we could'nt do half of the stuff that he was in the water) was the footage from an old freind of mine Benny G. Benny G used to follow Kerrzy all over the country side and capture his new skool activity on camera. Benny used to roll back in to town with insane footage of Josh doing massive airs. One time Benny was like: "hey check this thing out", showing us an air he had just captured of Josh at a contest down south. I still remember huddeling around Bennys camera watching what appeared to be a guy with a red rash shirt in his mouth, as Joshs heat had just ended and on his wave in he launched an air reverse around 6ft high but landed it clean on the flats, was a real sight to witness back then as there was'nt a lot of this being done.

Anyways these are just some of my fond memories growing up around Coolangatta and watching Kerrzy develope into the surfer and aerial expert that he has now become. Good one bruva, keep it coming...

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